We Are Growing

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

We have had the pleasure of adding two new employees to our team last month and would love to introduce them to you. Their skills will set our team up for success for 2019

Sonny Trinh: Tier 3 Support

“My name is Sonny Trinh. When I was in middle school my mom bought us our first computer, a Compaq with windows 98. That’s when I fell in love with computer technology. Soon after I was the go-to guy to fix problems. That lead me to attend Mt. Hood Community College for my degree in cyber security and networking. I also love the outdoors. My free time consists of running or biking. I have ran the Portland marathon and four half marathons.”

Nick Jones Tier 3 Support

 “I’m a Senior Systems Administrator at IT Pros. I have a background in IT training, systems engineering, security, and software development. I hold many Microsoft, Cisco, and security certifications. In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and family.”

As we continue to grow this year we will update you on the wonderful new staff that we acquire for 2019.

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