About Us

We Have Decades Of Experience!

Our number one goal is make your company run successfully and resolve your technical issues and we have shown our strengths in this area many times. We  work with in the Portland, Salem, Vancouver, and Longview area’s to support, train, manage and improve their IT infrastructure and keep your users productive. Our technicians proven experience gives us the ability to stay ahead of new technology tends, enabling us to resolve your problems in an efficient and effective way.

This is a summary of our MSP Specialties:

     IT Onsite/Remote Support Services

  • Anti-Virus/Malware/Ransomeware & Phishing Solutions
  • Backups Solutions (Remote/Onsite/Virtual/Predictive Analytics)
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Desktops/VDI/Digital Workspace Management
  • Firewalls
  • Laptops
  • MACs
  • Networks
  • Network Monitoring
  • Printers
  • Scanning/Copiers
  • Servers (HCI/aasVirtual/HaaS/Physical)
  • Software (SaaS/APIs/Purchasing, Installation & Support)
  • Solo/Colo (AI,Configuration, Support, & Monitoring)
  • Storage Solutions (NVMe-oF, Containers, NAS, SAN, Cloud, multi-cloud deployments)
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • WIFI (Long Range, P2P, B2B, Office, Guest, Illegal Download Protection)

    Other Services:

  • Website: Solutions/Hosting/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/PPC Management
  • Compliance: HIPAA, PCI, Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act
    • Assessments: CMDB/ITAM/Network Analysis/Disaster Recover Plans/Compliance
    • HIPAA Compliance Training
    • HIPAA Compliance Officer Training
  • IT Project Management
    • Full Time Onsite IT
    • vCIO Services
  • Office 365/Exchange/GOffice/others
  • Cloud
    • AWS/Rackspace/Azure/IBM
    • Data Warehousing
    • Servers
    • Domain
  • Hardware purchasing
  • MSP Plans (Managed Services Agreements/Maintenance Plans)
  • Insurance Claims (Electronic Theft/Disaster)
  • Security
    • End Point Security
    • Cyber Security (Solutions, Auditing, Monitoring, & Defense)
    • Security Cameras – Maintenance, installations, solutions
  • Moves/Adds/Changes
  • Wiring/Patch Panels/Server Rooms/Heat Issues
  • Electromagnetic/EMF Interference Detection/Resolution
  • Crypto Blockchain, Document, Sharing, and Email Solutions

Our history also lends itself to unbeatable expertise in legacy systems and offering multiple ways to migrate to newer systems but also to offer personalized service you just can’t find from any other computer service vendor. If you have old or outdated systems that need to be modernized, rest assured, we can bring your infrastructure into the modern age.

Our service area has expandeded and now cover a 70 mile radius from Portland which includes McMinnville, Salem, Longview and Vancouver Washington.

We look forward to serving you!  Call us today for a free network analysis and see how your current provider is doing.

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