Backup & Disaster Recovery

We support many backup solutions.  However, our recommended solutions cost you only $42.50 per month and backs up to the cloud.

Your server or storage device can be backed up and changes copy up in just a few minutes.  It’s always current.  And if you delete a file?  Its previous version can be recovered for up to 180 days.  And no need to worry about the crypto or ransomware viruses either! Your backups are protected and encrypted.

  • 2,000 GB included without additional charges.
  • 2 Devices (Server/NAS) Without additional charges.
  • 15 GB Maximum file size.  So we can backup those large .PST files also!
  • Amazon AWS – Reliable backups to the Amazon AWS Cloud.

Our proprietary utilities quickly install on any server and most network storage devices.  We can also have options to create local backups or instant snapshots for much quicker file backup and recovery.

Talk to a storage specialist today and see what the best option is for your backup needs!

We also have backup solutions from Vheem, Veritas, Datto, Barracuda, KeepItSafe, Acronis, ArcServe, SpiderOak, and many others. Let us give you a free evaluation and find you the most cost effective solution for your business.

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